When creating the concept of the visual language of the 168 Plymouth brand, we were inspired by the art of the 19th century as a reflection of the aesthetics of that time. The building in Brooklyn has a great history, the developer of the project reimagined the building in modern times and created an architecture with a strong character, combining history and modern architectural solutions in perfect balance.

For the identity, we developed a collage that embodies modernity and history, based on the work of Voyage of Life - Youth by the 19th century artist Thomas Cole and supplemented with contemporary art objects. In combination, we got a reflection of two eras of the 19th century and the 21st. The main element of the identity is artwork, it is complemented by a minimalist logo with accents in some letters and numbers, light grotesque typography and a light gray background. We tried to create a brand that is modern, clean and very easy to understand for the audience.

*Alternative Identity Concept 
Artistic Renderings and Copyright designed and owned by project developer Alloy LLC.
Design Concept, Identity and Artwork by Bawerman Atelier.

168 Plymouth          
Services: *
Concept, Art Direction, Identity, Artwork, Hoarding Design.
Client: for Alloy LLC, New York

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