BA+ Architectural Bureau

Department of architecture and design.

The main mission of BA+ is to create an extraordinary architectural projects with a future look. The experience of our team is international large-scale projects for various purposes and functions.
We are focused on creating a new comfortable urban environment which provide architecture design with high quality end: blurring the boundaries between art and architecture.
Our work ranges from multiple sectors; from the airport design, public and cultural buildings, unique renovation projects to residential objects.

We Create an Extraordinary Architectural Projects of The Future    – – – – – –   


Nexus Blue Building
Type: Mixed-Use
Services: Architecture and Design
Location: New York, USA
Status: Under Developemnt
Developer: Bawerman Company
2021 – present

Type: Culture, Research 
Services: Architecture and Design, Masterplan, Landscape  
Location: Saudi Arabia 
Status: Under Developemnt
Developer: Bawerman Company and Private Investor
2022 – present

Membership Project
Type: Hospitality
Services: Concept Design, Architecture
Location: Dubai, UAE
Status: Under Developemnt
Developer: Bawerman Company
2022 – present

Type: Residential
Services: Concept Design, CGI
Location: Moscow, Russia
Status: Under Developemnt
Developer: Palladio Group
Architect: Paris Classical Architecture

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