A modern interpretation of the Mid-Century Modern style, combining artisanally created interior design elements, contemporary art and individual technical solutions.

The basis for the development of the interior was the concept and architecture of the project, the ivory brick facade, the exterior of the building with the integration of oak accent elements.

The interior reflects the fundamentals of architecture - wood-trimmed walls and ceiling, a combination of three types of stone in light and dark shades working in contrast, fabric-covered walls in the main lobby with integration into the hall space of a typical floor, a lounge sofa area artistically created by the Bawerman Company team, an original reception desk with a unique granite fireplace with anodised aluminum elements, collectible interior items (furniture and lighting). Particular attention is paid to the area of the guest toilet room and the elevator cabin - they are made with a similar use of artisanal items in the overall stylistic concept of the interior.

One of the main elements of the lobby space was made of solid wood - rotating mechanized partitions separating the library and fireplace areas.
KRS Lobby           

Concept Development, Concept Design, Interior Design, Planning, Furniture Design, Industrial Design  
Program: Residential
Status: Design   

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