Museum of Futurism and Science 
in progress 

Conceptually Project.

MF&S Museum of Futurism and Science                     
2022 – present
Saudi Arabia

Services: Project Development, Economic, Idea, Museum Concept, Architecture and Design, Marketing, Museum Program, Supervision, Identity  
Bawerman Company and Private Investor 

Conceptually, the new form of the project reflects the direction of Futurism in art and culture. We designed a building that will become a new symbol, an automonument in the desert, inspired by culture, fantasizing about the future and how it can be. We have created the perfect balance between radically new design, futurism as a direction in art and innovative technologies.

The building consists of 13 platforms connected by functional spaces, it seems to rise from a dune and hang over the desert. The facades of the platforms covered with yellow gold form a unique image of the museum, a kind of futuristic oasis in the middle of the desert.


Architecture and Design

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