We developed the concept of an innovative tower, a combination of a boutique hotel, luxury infrastructure, residences at the top of the building and the integration of artificial intelligence allowed to create the building of the future, a new landmark of the urban landscape. We tried to form a whole world in one tower, a world that lives in its own special rhythm, has an extraordinary style and character, reflects the values of people who are in love with design and technology and have a subtle sensual but at the same time radical taste.

Nexus Blue Building received a blue facade that characterizes and distinguishes it from the background of any panorama of the city, this color has depth and direct association with manufacturability, radicalism, at the same time it is very noble, which reflects the high class of the building.

Conceptually Project.
Nexus Blue Building          
2021 – present

Services: Idea, Development, Architecture and Design, Product and Content, Service Model, Technological Concept, Marketing Concept, Brand Strategy, Identity, Guidelines, CGI’s, Artwork, Digital Design, Consulting.

Client: Private, New York

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